International Society of Paddy and Water Environment Engineering (PAWEES)

From the Desk of the President

Dear PAWEES members, Greetings! I am Seong-Joon Kim, former president of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers and professor in the Division of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Konkuk University. As the president of the Paddy and Water Environment Engineering Society, I am honored to extend a warm welcome to all of our members. Our society is dedicated to advancing the scientific and technological aspects of agricultural engineering, focusing on the sustainable management of paddy farming regions.

Over the past two decades, the PAWEES has provided a platform for the exchange of knowledge and friendship among the members from different countries. Now, as we move forward on our society’s activities leaving the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, it is time to look forward to seeing everyone face to face at our conference.

As members of this society, we are united by a shared passion for topics such as smart technologies in irrigation and drainage and soil and water conservation, and issues in rural resources management, paddy multi-functionality and regional planning, bioenvironmental systems and conservation. Through our collective expertise and collaboration, we have made significant strides in advancing the field of agricultural engineering and creating a sustainable future for paddy farming regions around the world. I would like to encourage all members to engage with the activities and initiatives and share ideas among us. Together, we can continue to make a significant impact in the field of agricultural engineering and build a sustainable future for paddy farming regions around the world.

In addition, the PAWEES is proud to publish the Journal of Paddy and Water Environment which serves as an important platform for sharing the latest research and insights in the field of agricultural engineering. The journal is a valuable resource for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers alike, and plays a critical role in advancing our understanding of the complex challenges that our field faces. We are committed to maintaining the high quality and rigorous standards of the journal, and we encourage all members to submit their research for publication.

The PAWEES has also maintained close partnership with the two leading international organizations of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) and the International Network for Water & Ecosystem in Paddy Fields (INWEPF). These partnerships provide and extend invaluable opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among experts from around the world, and allow us to leverage the expertise of these organizations to advance our own mission. We are grateful for the ongoing support and collaboration of these organizations, and look forward to continuing to work together to advance our shared goals.

As we look to the future, there is much work to overcome the challenges that are complex and multifaceted. However, I am confident that together, we can confront these challenges and to continue our important works around paddy farming practices. I would like to encourage all members to get involved with the activities of the PAWEES, and to share your ideas and insights with us. Thank you for your continued dedication to the field of agricultural engineering and to the PAWEES.

Seong-Joon Kim President,PAWEES