From the Desk of the President

Food and water are basic needs and rights for people. Most of the global population depends on the 480 million tons of rice produced each year as the basis for their lives. About 90% of the world’s 160 million hectares of harvested paddy fields are in Asian countries, mainly in monsoon regions, although paddies are also seen in North America and Africa, even in dry regions where irrigation has reclaimed dry land for paddy fields.

PAWEES (The International Society of Paddy and Water Environment Engineering) was officially inaugurated in January 2003 with the full-fledged support of three regional academic societies in the field of agricultural engineering: Japan (JSIDRE), Korea (KSAE) and Taiwan (TSAE), in alphabetical order. PAWEES aims to provide an interactive platform for international researchers and practitioners working on paddy system and relevant fields. Since it was established, PAWEES has been implementing the following main activities:

1. Publishing an international journal, Paddy and Water Environment (PWE), an SCI Journal;

2. Organizing conferences, symposia and workshops on paddy and water environment engineering;

3. Encouraging research and studies on paddy and water environment engineering;

4. Recognizing outstanding contributions to paddy and water environment engineering by offering awards and honors.

In the past, PAWEES has been dedicating to paddy cultivation and paddy systems, which include their relation with the local environment, and application of water drainage application. Based on the solid foundation, PAWEES will continue devoting to the challenges of paddy systems and water environment, and broaden our concerns to climate change impact, environment degradation, human interference, etc.

In the coming future, we expect PAWWES to play an even more essential role in broader related fields, and help the international community solve emerging food and water issues.

We sincerely encourage the old members to participate actively and welcome new friends to join PAWEES family!

Chien-Hsin LAI

President, PAWEES